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Puppy Questionnaire This questionnaire is given to allprospective puppy buyers. It serves as a guide to help us choose the bestpossible puppy to suit your lifestyle and needs. There are no right or wronganswers. As a breeder, it is my responsibility to make sure that a puppy that Ihave bred will be placed in the most appropriate environment, as such, I wouldask you to complete the following questionnaire to give me a better idea ofyour family, your lifestyle, and how a puppy will fit into it. Our breedingprogram is centered around the betterment of this wonderful breed and thepromotion of responsible dog ownership. Purchasing a puppy is not somethingthat should be done on a whim but should involve much research and planning.Please complete the questionnaire with as much detail as you can.  Though some of the questions may be considered highlypersonal, please be aware that this questionnaire is highly confidential andthat no one but Rotherwood Kennel will see the results of the questionnaire.